Project History

The Central Reclamation Phase III (CRIII) Project is the final phase of planned waterfront reclamation in the Central District of Hong Kong Island.

The CRIII Project has evolved significantly since its original conception over a decade ago. In 1997, while the Project design was nearing completion, the ˇ§Protection of the Harbour Ordinanceˇ¨ was enacted. As a result, a critical review of the scope of the project was conducted to formulate a scheme that would achieve the objectives of the Harbour Ordinance and provide sufficient land to serve the long-term needs of Hong Kong.

The resulting scheme, referred to as the ˇ§Minimum Reclamation Optionˇ¨, significantly changed the original reclamation configuration; most notably reducing the reclamation from 32 to 18 hectares, with the majority of the transport infrastructure to be located underground. The Project has incorporated reclamation methods and mitigation measures that avoid or reduce environmental impacts during construction. In the long-term, the ultimate design will provide an unprecedented opportunity to create a waterfront that complements Hong Kongˇ¦s famous skyline whilst making the best use of the reclaimed land, for both strategic infrastructure and recreational open spaces, serving the community and tourists alike.

General Layout   Reprovisioned Ferry Piers
and Central Terminal Building
Public Pier

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